Dinner Tor 2

The pop-up restaurant in Cologne

Thank you!

Culture connects - also and especially in hard times.


The pop-up restaurant at the HALLE Tor 2 is now closed, after more than six weeks. Within this time thousands of guests enjoyed qualitative and flavourful premium food, the uncompareable setting and professionality as well as safety - and we enjoyed every evening with you.


In the dining room with high ceilings and rough, untreated industrial look and hand-picked furniture, our guests received extraordinary 3-course menus made from seasonal and regional ingredients and the best musical accompaniement by Cat Ballou, Klüngelköpp and the Bläck Fööss. 


But now that it comes to an end we would like to say thank you.

Our gratitude goes to all the cooks, who cooked delicious menus for us every week, to all the waitresses and waiters, who came up with a good service, to all the bands, who performed unbelievable nice and of course thank you to all our guests, because without you we wouldn't had such a great time with DINNER TOR 2!


We are happy and grateful that this project gave us the opportunity, to make Cologne a little bit more beautiful for a month and a half during the Corona crisis.

The hosts: