Mix & Match

The delivery service for your company

DIE HALLE Tor 2 & Shepheard Deli

As a fusion of two reliable partners with 20 years of professional experience of catering we want to contribute to handle the whole new situation with optimism and prudence.

Our offer

  • Delicious and healthy food for your employees
  • We deliver varied and durable meals
  • Packaged sustainably, without the addition of preservatives


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Your benefit as an Employer

  • Unnecessary contact can be avoided – minimized risk of infection
  • Increase of your employees motivation and performance
  • Best healthcare by fresh and well-balanced nutrition
  • Your care and appreciation for your employees will be perceived very well


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Mix & Match - Your favorite meal at work 


Our Mix & Match products unite the best ingredients in an environmentally friendly packaging. It presents a sustainable solution without any additives and preservatives.


We will recommend you a combination of two components, which give a perfect Match, but as everybody knows – there is no limit in taste and creativity.

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According to the Motto: MIX & MATCH, just as it suits you!

Here is a little extract of our products...

Due to the fact of the preserving process, the meals don´t need to be refrigerated and can be heated up quickly and easily in a microwave or in a cooking pot.

Organization & procedure


  • Daily delivery possible
  • Delivery in a practical preserving jar
  • Deposit of 1€ per jar
  • With the next delivery we take back the empty jars


If you have any questions, you can call us at any time between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm.

Phone: +49 176 31616127